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    Mobile shredders destroy documents on the go

Shred trucks are basically modified box trucks, with an industrial paper shredder contained within them. Mobile destruction services come to places of business and shred on-site, meeting government-set standards and laws for privacy protection.

Some shred trucks can shred as much as 8,000 pounds of paper in one hour, and a few models can transport twice that. Mobile shredders such as these can destroy in minutes what would take hours with a standard office shredder. Also, some trucks are equipped to shred CDs, credit cards and other materials as well as paper.

The trucks themselves can be leased or purchased outright. They run at least $200,000 new and many are equipped with cameras so customers can watch the shredding process.

Some of the companies that make shred trucks include ShredTech, ShredFast, VecoPlan and UltraShred. UltraShred makes the Paper Predator, which it claims works hard yet drives like a Mercedes-Benz. ShredFast has been making mobile shredding systems since 1998. Presenting itself as offering an "affordable, American-made" mobile truck shredder is Ameri-Shred Corp., based in Alpena, Michigan.

Shred trucks continue to get bigger and better, with more power and faster shredding speeds. In spring 2008, Axo Shredders Corp. of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, launched the 608 V-MAX, clocked at shredding 9,000 pounds per hour. Also in spring 2008, Shred-Tech released the MDS-15GT at the annual conference of the National Association for Information Destruction. The truck is especially compact, yet shreds 2,800 to 3,000 pounds per hour. It also has lower emissions and consumes less fuel than typical trucks.

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