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This category of shredders starts somewhere in the upper levels of the home shredders and ends in the lower level of the heavy-duty beasts. An office can be one person in his basement, or a few people sharing rental space, or a 100-person business, etc., etc. This article discusses shredders for the SOHO (small or home office) realm, to keep it to a reasonable size!

Most of the material to be shredded for these offices will still be in the letter- or legal-sized document format so can be accommodated by any machine with a 9" to 15" feed throat. Bigger output bins will go up to 32 gallons or more (5 cubic feet). Input speeds will typically be 30' or more per minute. They will routinely slice through staples and paper clips, and generally will run for hours at a time. Warranties will cover 3 to 5 years. All of them will have reverser switches to help clear jams. Generally, the machine is big enough if nobody has to wait around to use it under normal office conditions.

The advantage of the wider throats is that less care needs to be taken in shoving the stuff in at the right angle; also that irregularly-shaped documents can be handled easily. If standard 11" x 15" continuous forms are in use then a 15" feed throat is a necessity.

There is less variation in the machines at this level but there are some features worth considering. The feed throat shape may be such that irregularly shaped input is squeezed and squashed en passant into the proper width and thickness. Some machines will have jam sensors, to stop the machine automatically before a serious stop happens. Different footprints may make one machine or another more compatible with your particular office configuration. The noise level may be a consideration. Some shredders have a storage compartment for waste bags and lubricant containers. As always, it's well to shop around.

All the major manufacturers supply machines to this market.

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