All About Shredders

   Heavy Duty Paper Shredders

    For high-volume shredding needs

Shredders that come in this category are serious machines that need large volumes of paper to be shredded to make them worthwhile. Tens of thousands of sheets per day are a typical load.

Feed sizes vary from 70 to 140 sheets at a time. Speeds are from 750 to 2,000 sheets per hour - up to 30-50 feet per minute. The feed throats are up to 17", with feeders that squash and force the input paper into the proper shape for cutting. Output hoppers can be up to 15 cubic feet - up to 100 gallons. Heavy-duty machinery can include: sealed bearings; "maintenance-free" enclosed direct drive motors; non-slip double link drive train and sprocket; and solid steel, heat-treated cutting blades.

These machines by necessity are large and heavy. They may weigh up to half a ton, take up to 30 square feet of floor space, require 220-volt power, and have to be kept away from clean or quiet areas.

Output at this volume may be a problem, even if bagged automatically. At least one model, therefore, comes with a baling attachment (the Intimus "Conveyor in the Department" - catchy name). This does just as the name suggests - it compacts the output into a solid bale for convenient handling; unlike an agricultural baler, though, it doesn't tie the bale up.

Manufacturers or models include Intimus, Dahle, Destroyit, Shredmaster, Olympia, Kobra, and Schleicher.

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