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GBC, or General Binding Corporation, is known for making the "Shredmaster" line of shredders. This line encompasses personal, office, production, and high-security shredders. The Shredmasters do not go right to the high end of the shredder business but provide solid and reliable machines.

In 2005, GBC was bought out by Swingline, which continues to market the shredders both under the GBC and Swingline names.

All GBC machines will dice staples and paper clips. The low end - personal shredding - is covered by the 950S and 960X models: strip and cross-cut respectively. Both are respectable machines: a 9 1/4"; throat at 15 feet per second slice up to 13 and 10 sheets at a time, respectively. The office shredder models will run continuously - no cooling period needed. These have a throat size varying from 9 1/4"; to 15";, speeds of 20' to 40' per minute, and sheet capacity of 12 to 23. The "production"; models - which are in the heavy-duty range but at the lower end - have 16"; throats, run at 25' per minutes, and a feed capacity of 22 to 38 sheets. And the high-security systems meet government standards for secret and COMSEC materials: they are all micro-cut machines which will handle up to 10 sheets in a 10"; or 15"; throat at 25' per minute. All GBC machines have a 5-year-to-lifetime warranty on the cutting heads and a 2- or 3-year warranty on moving parts, depending on the machine.

A major dealer for GBC machines is the Clary Business Machines Co. of San Diego, CA. GBC stands for "General Binding Corporation";. As well as shredders, the company makes document finishing, film laminating, and visual communications products (see GBC's headquarters are in Northbrook, Illinois.

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