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Destroyit shredders are manufactured by the IDEAL Corporation of Germany, who have been producing them for over 45 years. IDEAL's subsidiary MBM Corporation (MBM is short for Michael Business Machines), of North Charleston, SC, distributes them in the US and IDEAL-MBM does likewise in Canada. Dozens if not hundreds of secondary dealers sell them locally: just check the yellow pages.

All Destroyit shredders, from the smallest to the largest, have a five-year warranty on all parts (except for the micro-cutting blades, which have only a one-year warranty). All of them will munch staples and paper clips; all have an auto-shutoff in case of jams and a reverser to help clear them; they all have a photocell start and stop control, as well as manual controls.

The smallest models currently available appear to be the 2230SC (strip cutting, 5-7 sheets feed capacity) and the 2230CC (cross-cutting, 4-6 sheets). At the top of the line is the 5009 series, which handles up to 600 sheets per gulp (certain writeups say up to 2000 sheets but the conditions are not laid out) and can mash 3-ring binders and lever-arch files, along with all lesser materials such as credit cards, CD's, cardboard, and probably old door mats (but you'll not find that in the specs!).

Attachments and add-ons include sorting tables, rack mounts, feeder systems, and baler devices. Specialized lubrication tools can be had, and of course all unique and generic supplies are available.

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