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    Flagship: Stack and Shred

Swingline, of Office Space red stapler fame, also boasts a line of shredders. The company breaks its shredder selection down into categories based on degree of use: personal (one user), small/home office (one to five users), executive (one or two users), departmental (five to 10 users), or large office (10 or more users).

The Stack and Shred, Swingline's flagship product, is an automatic shredder capable of shredding up to 100 sheets at one time the paper to be shredded can be stacked and left to shred while other work is being done. The manufacturer also offers strip-cut, cross-cut, and micro-cut shredders as well as super micro-cut models that offer Level 5 security, cutting a sheet of letter paper into fewer than 6,800 pieces.

Some Swingline models feature auto shut off, self-oil, self-clean, and anti-jam technology. In fact, there's a patented Non-stop Jam Free technology that has three sensors that detect the amount of paper and display red or green lights indicating whether the user is exceeding the capacity or not. The company also promotes its shredders as eco-friendly, due to the automatic power save feature to conserve energy, and the exclusive, optional recyclable paper bags.

Swingline's parent company, Acco, sold $1.33 billion in office products in 2010, is publicly traded, and is headquartered in Lincolnshire, Illinois. It merged with GBC (General Binding Corporation) in 2005. GBC shredders are now sold under the Swingline name, but may also been seen for sale as Acco shreddders. Most carry a two-year warranty on the machine and a lifetime warranty on the cutters.

The Swingline "Shredder Selector" is an online tool that will help you match a Swingline shredder with your specific needs, including: location of use, security, sheet capacity, bin capacity, and the need to shred CDs, DVDs, or credit cards. 

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