All About Shredders

   Microcut Shredders

    Shredding paper into tiny particles for security

A step up from cross-cut shredders is the microcut or micro cut shredder, which cuts paper (and perhaps other materials such as credit cards, CDs, or disks) into very small squares or circles — perhaps as small as .8mm x 11.1 mm, the maximum size needed to comply with Department of Defense standards.

A microcut shredder is usually the best choice for a person, business, or government agency that must make sure its shredded documents remain confidential, either due to legal or privacy concerns, or just to play it safe in an era of fraud and identity theft. Bills, banking and credit card information, tax documents, and even top-secret spy records are no match for most top-quality microcut shredders.

Micro cut shredders are sometimes referred to as particle cut shredders, but the latter term can also apply to a cross-cut shredder.

Many manufacturers make and sell light- and heavy-duty microcut shredders at various price points, including Fellowes, Royal, GBC, and Aurora.

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