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   Medical Waste Shredders

    Destroying waste in medical facilities

Besides using paper shredders to comply with HIPAA and other patient privacy laws, medical facilities must also carefully dispose or and/or destroy medical waste.

In some cases, the shredding process takes care of two problems at once: the material itself and the patient privacy issue posed by the presence of a medicine bottle label, prescription form, or other identifying record. X-rays and CDs can commonly be accommodated by medical shredders as well.

Martin Yale, the company that makes the Olympia brand paper shredders, also offers the ScriptStroyer: a powerful machine designed to handle pill and syrup vials and gummed labels as well as standard paper charts and records. It is HIPAA-compliant, sized to fit under a pharmacy counter, and promises quiet operation. The UC5500 ScriptStroyer has a MSRP of $4,699, but can be found for about $3,500. A similar machine, costing about $500 less than the ScriptStroyer, is the Datastroyer Medical Shredder by Whitaker Brothers. These types of machines are also referred to as pharmacy shredders.

There are also higher-end machines designed to dispose of large amounts of medical waste, including needles or "sharps," used bandages, hospital gowns and other contaminated materials. The M-Series by Vecoplan offers such a shredder, and it also handles confidential paper documents. Komar Industries has the Tiger Quad and Piranha for shredding bagged waste, sharps containers, and more. Another popular machine series that can handle medical waste is the Quad shredder, by SSI Shredding Systems, Inc.

Other companies producing and selling medical waste shredders include: Shred-Tech, Weima America, Granutech Saturn Systems, S&G Enterprises, Prater-Sterling, MedClean Technologies, Inc., and Caprius, Inc. 

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