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   MailMate Shredders

    MailMate makes a line of low-cost shredders for Staples stores

MailMate shredders are manufactured for and sold exclusively by Staples, the office supply store chain. They are marketed as "junk mail" shredders and accommodate CDs and DVDs and credit cards as well as papers. The MailMate can also handle staples and paper clips.

MailMate shredders are compact, and generally intended for home use. The M5 is usually priced at $89.99.

On, reviewers collectively gave MailMate shredders an average rating of only 1.5 out of 5 stars, complaining of burnt-out motors, jamming, and power supply issues. The machines are also not especially quiet. Other users are satisfied, and say the machines are fine when used as intended: shredding a few things at a time, with breaks to let the motor rest.

Besides MailMate, Staples sells other store-brand shredders in both compact and full size, most of them 10-sheet-and-up cross-cut models. There's also strip cut and micro-cut shredders models. Features include V-track blades, an anti-jam mechanism, a titanium cutter, and a "lockout key" to prevent unauthorized use.

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