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The Formax company offers 17 models of deskside, office, industrial, and high-security shredders.

The 8000 series selection ranges from a compact deskside model (FD 8202) to an industrial conveyor shredder (FD 8802CC). A high-end Formax office shredder can cost nearly $4,000, while an industrial conveyor model starts around $9,000 and can run well into the $40,000 to $50,000 range.

Formax has designed its industrial models to handle up to 650 sheets at one time, including stacks of computer forms. These powerful machines can also shred magnetic disks.

The line includes two High Security Level 6 models (FD 8400HS and FD 8500HS) that comply with National Security Agency/Central Security Service (NSA/CSS) specification 02-01, which means it has been proven to shred 90 percent of the particles smaller than 5 square millimeters, while at least 75 percent will have no edge greater than 5 millimeters. These machines also have the ability to operate non-stop for one hour at a consistent feed rate and shred quality.

Formax shredders boast, as standard features, an AC geared motor, heavy-duty steel gears, steel shredding blades, and a user-friendly control panel. In August 2010, the company unveiled three new shredders, including one with an auto-oiler feature and another with an autofeed hopper that can handle 175 sheets at one time with no need to hand-feed.

The company is headquartered in Dover, New Hampshire, and has its manufacturing facility in Turlock, California. Privately held, Formax was founded in 1987 and its paper-processing products were first offered through national resellers in 1993. 

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