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Many businesses and individuals seek out a shredder that can accommodate DVDs as well as paper. DVDs may contain sensitive information, particularly in the medical field, where MRIs and other test results are routinely stored and distributed on DVD.

The bottom line is, if a shredder can handle CDs, it can handle DVDs. They are essentially the same animal, when it comes to being devoured by shredder blades.

There are many all-in-one shredders on the market that can chomp paper, credit cards, floppy disks, diskettes, CDs, CD-ROMs, DVDs, and Blu-Ray disks alike. Most medium-duty strip cut or cost-cut shredders and virtually all heavy-duty shredders can handle all of these, if the feed throat has the width to accommodate them.

Another option, ideal for those who expect to shred a lot of DVDs, is a standalone CD or DVD shredder. These will often be marketed as computer media shredders or CD/DVD shredders, and generally cost $50 and up. One brand that offers several versions is Alera or Aleratec. Also popular for high-volume use is the Intimus 502CD CD shredder, which can shred up to 1,200 pieces per hour and retails at $4,499.

Either way, you'll end up with a lot of plastic shards that can be recycled or trashed without further concern about privacy and security.

Yet another popular method of securely disposing of (or securely reusing) rewriteable computer media is to erase CDs or DVDs.

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