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The Aurora Corporation of America (ACA) is based in Torrence, Calif. It was founded in 1975 as a calculator distributor and expanded to offer a variety of office machines. While the company also offers calculators, WiFi presenters, and laminators, shredders are now Aurora's flagship product line.

Aurora manufactures a variety of strip cut, cross cut, and micro cut shredder models, from a $30 desktop paper and credit card shredder to $300 (and up) heavy-duty cross-cut or confetti shredders. There are three dozen cross-cut models from which to choose, at varying price points. Several models also handle credit cards and CDs and will accommodate and separate out paper clips and staples.

The company classifies its shredders into four categories, based on performance capabilities: "light duty" for users who shred 10 to 20 times per day; "medium duty" for those who shred 25 to 50 times a day; "heavy duty" for frequent shredding of 50 to 100 times a day; and "continuous," when the shredder will be used by multiple people in an office setting all day long.

Aurora has a light-duty strip-cut model designed to fit over a wastebasket and accommodate six sheets of paper, or one credit card, at a time. On the higher end, the newest MicroShred models Aurora has placed on the market are deemed "Micro Shredder Security Level IV" with "ShredSafe" technology for shredding confidential documents to as small as 2mm x 10mm. Level 4 is considered "commercially sensitive" under DIN (German Institute for Standardization) standards not small enough to meet U.S. Department of Defense Top Secret standards, but still sufficient for most business needs.

Overload/overheat protection is a feature on most models, along with auto start and manual reverse (for clearing paper jams). Aurora also promotes its shredders as quiet while operating.

Aurora promises customer satisfaction and points out that its call center is based at its California headquarters. Aurora shredders are sold in office stores, online, and by chain retailers such as Target, Sears, and Kmart.

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